Youth Perspectives on Population Change in Wales

Photo by WeMindTheGap – LinkedIn

Recently, I had the opportunity to present evidence to the Welsh Affairs Committee in Parliament as a Young Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust. The enquiry was focused on understanding the underlying reasons that prompt young people to leave Wales. Alongside my fellow Young Ambassador, Issac, and representatives from WeMindTheGap, Chloe, and Carolina, we were honored to voice the experiences and perspectives of young individuals across Wales.

Chaired by Stephen Crabb, alongside seven other Welsh MPs, we engaged in discussions covering a range of topics including employment opportunities, education, transportation, support mechanisms for young entrepreneurs, and the obstacles that young people face in Wales.

“The population of Wales is changing. Growth is slowing overall, while some areas such as Ceredigion are seeing an outright decline in residents. The population is getting older across the whole of Wales, and Cardiff, Newport and Bridgend are the only places that have experienced an increase in the number of working age people. Our Committee wants to shine a spotlight on these trends and ask what they mean for Wales. 

“We are especially keen to understand why younger people appear to be leaving Wales – particularly in areas that are Welsh speaking.  We will specifically be looking at the impact these trends have on the Welsh economy and labour market, and the implications for public services.”

Stephen Crabb, Chair of Welsh Affairs Committee (

Following our session with the committee, we had the privilege of touring Parliament, including notable sites such as the House of Lords and Westminster Hall. For me, as a first-time visitor to London, this experience held significant personal value, offering a connection to the heart of UK governance.

Reflecting on the day, it’s one I’ll always cherish. Exploring central London was an awe-inspiring experience, from iconic landmarks like Big Ben and the London Eye to traversing the bustling London Underground, fulfilling a long-held desire of mine.

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